Sunday, November 24, 2013

Victory is Nigh!

I'm on track to finish this week, already at 45k for the month, and was able to grab a screenshot of my word count trumping my co-ML's this morning, so this is a beautiful day!

Take a gander, Columbia WriMos.  *flexes fingers*  I have triumphed!

'Course, right after this was captured, I received a text gloating that *someone* would be FINISHING her NaNo today.  Obviously that someone won't be me, but I've had a record word count month for this November and thuuuus:  I've got nothing but smiles.  :)

Congrats to all you WriMos who have finished already, those of you who have spent endless hours in write-ins and chatrooms and forums cheering each other on and fighting over the last packet of Skittles, and especially to those of you who've cracked incredible creative barriers this weekend.  You are amazing. Amazing.  And with one more glorious week to go:  You've got this.  

Sunday, November 10, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 Update

Day 10, another write-in tonight, and it's official.  Clean drafts?  Pffft.  My muse loves carousing in mud puddles.

15k in 1 week--a new personal record!

I'm Cera. I plot when it fits, get to know my characters and worlds before and/or during the actual words-hitting-paper process, and I write horrendous, icky, deliciously overwordy first drafts.  I'm unrepentant: My writing zone is magical, fun, messy, and awesome.  Clean drafts in my world are revisions. To get my stories out, I have to splash words on the canvas...which works fabulously when one's inner editor has an unhealthy desire to clean and polishify words.

Wherever your process takes you, may the coming week provide words, willpower, and drive to get your next (or first!) novel out of your head and into reality.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sticky Note Princess

The best helper a writermommy can ever ask for during plotting time!

"Dearest Little magic plot ninja, which piece of the puzzle do I write next?"

"Definitely switch the mushy gooshy thread and the x-files type thread around for this scene, Mommy."

Eeeyeah.  It's a very, very GOOD thing she can't read the pink ones.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Being, Writing, and...MLing!

Goal: Write three new novels in a year while being the best mom I can be.
New Goal: See the inside of every nearby (and a few distant) doctor's office in a year while being the best mom I can be.  *wink*

This year's been a rough ride for our little family, and it's not over yet on my health front, but things are looking down in the stressors arena and looking up in the "someone knows what's wrong, and the next step is to FIX it" department. *woot woot!*  Par-tay in my recovery suite!

I found myself complaining to a friend recently that it had been almost a whole year since my concussion (and the followup nerve-pocalypse, the '24 hour' 4-day bug "with bonus emergency room action!", the more weeks than I want to recall total loss of hearing, the continued nerve-pocalypse...the list goes on) and I felt a complete, utter lack of accomplishment/forward motion because my head was broken.  She said: "You poor thing. So what have you been doing with all of those 15 minute writing zones? Break-dancing?"  I told her I'd been breathing.  Which, yeah, I had been, but she made me think. *shakes fist*

So I looked over my daily writing log and...okay. She was right. 

Folks, turns out, I've gritted my teeth through lots of words. Quite a few more than one would suspect when one feels like they haven't accomplished a thing.  :)  There have been a couple of weeks where I've been hard-pressed to sit and type, but I've been scribbling like a fool in my notebook (whole scenes to drop in to WIPs and lots of shiny, shiny things that have to percolate before rolling onto the plotboard).  What I've done this past year is somehow pull out of the aether: one entire-novel revision, a contest final, a rewrite of a different novel, a third novel well on its way to prepping for its critiquable journey, and get started on a replotted version on a FOURTH novel.  Wow.  Double-take time.  How'd I do that?  When?  *stares at spreadsheet*

Attention, all muse-led hearts:  It is good to honor your creative accomplishments and look at what you've really done.

There weren't 3 brand new novels this past year, but I worked 3 novel projects into good shape for sure!  Seems like the only thing I hadn't done was...send the second two out for critiques.  Doh!  Guess I know what's next on the to-do list!

Oh, and before I forget: That scribbling?  That's all been in addition to some new workshop goodness for the 2013 NaNoWriMo season, which I'm returning to as ML for my 3rd year--yep, definite parties in store over the next couple of months.  I'm coming back!  I can't wait to see new writers join another month of word-riddled fun, as well as high-five all the returning WriMos, especially the returning ones I missed meeting last year while I was taking time out to ogle hot paramedics and one rather smokin' doctor--I mean...*coughs*

I missed you, Columbia WriMos, and for my comeback tour I have evil, evil things planned for your word wars.  I hope you're ready!

Until next time, break-dance!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Favorite Pen!

I love it when friends find ridiculously amazing (and so practical!) presents from foreign countries they visit.  One such awesome gal returned for a stateside visit recently and not only did she acquire the awesomest socks for the Little, but some perfect writer goodies!

It's been long established that I'm a multi-color pen addict.  I don't get how anyone can't be.  Black, red, green, or blue at the touch of a finger instead of scrambling in a bottomless bin for the perfect color? Bliss and order amid the chaotic creative process.  But this...this is my favorite pen EVER.

It even trumps my V5's!

The two most important colors: black, for fastdrafted scribbles, and red, for correcting the heck out of those scribbles.  Adorableness on all levels, and...the little ears push down for the color switch.  XD

My new favorite pen has EARS.
THANK YOU!  ^____^  
And now, back to the day jobbing--hopefully I'll be done with this testing round by Mother's Day.  Have a good weekend, friends!